We’re excited to be building our selection of handouts–see what we have so far posted below. Keep checking back to find what we’ve added!

Assignments & Essays

Understanding Assignments: “Instruction/task words”  click here

Thesis + topic sentence Outline Exercise click here

Writing the Comparison/Analysis Literature Essay click here

Writing an Effective Transfer Application Essay click here

Grammar & Punctuation

Grammar/punctuation: The Oxford/serial comma click here

Nominalizations: “Zombie Nouns” click here

“Sentence Crimes”: Identifying and Correcting Sentence Boundary Errors click here

Words Often Confused click here


APA Documentation: Checklist click here

What is “general knowledge” or, What don’t you have to cite? click here


Use a serif font in academic papers click here

link to MS Office help site: Removing extra space between paragraphs in MS Word: PCs (video) | Macs (open the blue link “Change the spacing between paragraphs”)