SVC Writing Center ONLINE sessions

SVC Writing Center support is now available online!

We are excited to begin offering Writing Center sessions and feedback online!

If work hours, location, ability, or other responsibilities make it difficult (or impossible!) to visit the Center in person, the SVC Writing Center Online is here for you! This is a pilot program. We look forward to working with students with their writing in this new format. We will be learning from them and “growing” this service to provide even more online support.

Currently we are offering asynchronous sessions–in other words, the student and the Consultant don’t have to meet at the same time. You can submit a full draft, a partial draft, or a detailed question for feedback. When you make the “appointment,” you’ll answer some questions to help us focus the session with you. Then, just as we do in our in-Center sessions, the Consultant will provide feedback, helpful instruction, and resources to assist you in taking the next step with your writing.

How to schedule an online session

Online sessions are offered through WCOnline, a scheduling and online work space. To get started, you will Register for an account with your mysvc email. When you log in, you will see a schedule of the Consultants and times available for appointments. Remember: This doesn’t mean you have to be anywhere at that time! It means the Consultant is available at that time to work on your feedback! (Note: A limited number of sessions will be available in this first phase, on a first-come, first-served basis. Additional formats and more availability will be added as we go forward.)

How to use WCOnline

Start by creating an account in the system. (You’ll only have to do this once.) Once you have an account, you can make appointments, access the feedback a Consultant sends you, etc.

To register for an account:

  1. Go to The log in page will open. It looks like this:
  • Under “SVC Writing Center,” next to where it says “First visit?” click on “Register for an account.”
  • A form will open. Fill in the blanks with your information. Use your mysvc email.
  • Note: Some questions are marked with a red asterisk. These require an answer.
  • Create a password and click “Complete Registration” in the blue box at the bottom of the form.
  • When your registration is complete, you will be returned to the log in screen.

Making an appointment on the SVC WCOnline schedule

When you log in to WCOnline, you will be taken to a schedule of available online sessions. You’ll see the Consultants and the hours they have available. The schedule is color coded to show which appointment times are already taken, which are available, and which are your appointments.

The schedule looks sort of like this:

To submit your request for online feedback, you’ll need to click on an available appointment time. Available times are white squares.

Remember: This does NOT mean that you have to be available at that time! It’s just the way this system manages students’ and Consultants’ workloads and schedules. By making an appointment, you know the Consultant is available and will be able to respond to you within 36 hours of that appointment time.

When you click on an open appointment time, a form will open (“Create New Appointment”). This is where you will answer some questions for us, like what class you are working in, what your assignment, is and–most important–what kind of feedback or support you’re looking for. The Consultant will use this to help focus the feedback created for you.

Fill in the form. At the bottom of the form be sure to attach file of any work you’ve done and of your assignment.

When your feedback is ready, the Consultant will upload the new file back into the appointment form, and an email will be sent to let you know you can go there to retrieve it.

What kind of feedback will you get?

The form your feedback takes will depend a little bit on what you submit (full draft? Partial draft? Detailed question?). Feedback for all online sessions will be in the form of written feedback. For full and partial drafts, you will receive both embedded comments and written feedback. Written feedback will include a summary of your request, detailed comments and helpful instruction, and resources for you to use as you make revisions or otherwise continue with your writing. Embedded comments will be written (typed) right into the draft, where they apply.