Suggested syllabus text

We would love to have you include this statement (below) about the SVC Writing Center on your class syllabus and/or course Moodle site.

Note: We encourage you to recommend students use the Writing Center as a resource, but we ask that you do not require students to come as part of a class’s requirements. However, we have found that it can be very helpful to offer a few “extra-credit” points if students attend the Center. We can send you notification that they have had a session.

The SVC Writing Center, located in Lewis Hall 321, is ready to help you with any writing you do for classes at SVC. Writing assistance is available on a drop-in or sign-up basis. At the Center, peer writing consultants will work with you one-on-one at any step in the writing process–understanding an assignment, planning/pre-writing, drafting, revision, or editing–on whatever aspect of writing you would like help with: focus, structure, organization, style, grammar, or documentation. (Please note that the Writing Center is not a copy editing service; consultants help you to work on your own writing.) The Writing Center can give you the best help if you bring with you your assignment and your draft and/or any prewriting work you have completed.

 For current hours and more information, visit or call 416-7855.

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